(Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore.)
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B.Sc Mathematics

undergraduate degree program focused on the study of pure and applied mathematics, equipping students with analytical, problem-solving, and quantitative skills for diverse fields such as finance, data science, and academia.

About The Department

The B.Sc Mathematics department offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum in advanced mathematical principles. It fosters a stimulating learning environment to develop problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. Faculty members are highly qualified and dedicated to nurturing students' mathematical abilities. The department encourages research and provides opportunities for students to engage in cutting-edge mathematical investigations. Overall, the B.Sc Mathematics department equips students with a solid foundation for pursuing various careers in mathematics and related fields.

B.Sc Mathematics


Explore the abstract world of numbers, Unravel patterns and solve complex equations, Apply mathematical principles to real-world challenges, Prepare for a rewarding career in diverse fields.


Mission: To cultivate analytical thinking and problem-solving skills in mathematics, empowering students to explore the intricacies of abstract concepts and apply them to real-world challenges.


The B.Sc Mathematics syllabus typically covers topics like calculus, algebra, geometry, and probability. It includes subjects like real analysis, linear algebra, differential equations, and discrete mathematics. Students will also study numerical methods, complex analysis, and mathematical modeling during their coursework.

Prog Educational Objectives(PEO)

Develop a strong foundation in mathematical principles and problem-solving techniques, enabling graduates to apply mathematical concepts in various real-world contexts and industries. Cultivate analytical and critical thinking skills, equipping graduates with the ability to approach complex challenges with logical reasoning and mathematical rigor. Foster a passion for lifelong learning, encouraging graduates to engage in continuous professional development and adapt to emerging trends in mathematics and related fields. Prepare students for successful careers and advanced studies, producing graduates who can effectively communicate mathematical ideas and contribute innovatively to interdisciplinary teams.

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